English Extra Summer – Cheltenham

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School: inlingua Cheltenham

This is an all-inclusive package that mixes learning and fun. This is the place to be if students are looking for a summer vacation to remember and yet satisfy parents in their search for educational value in safe surroundings. The course suits individuals and groups and offers a complete package of lessons, leisure, excursions and an excellent English host family.

The package is available between 27.6.2016 and 26.8.2016 and includes per week:

  • 20 EFL lessons (9.00 – 12.15)
  • 2 afternoon activities
  • 3 evening activities
  • Friday barbecue
  • 1 full day excursion
  • 1 half day excursion
  • Half board homestay in a single or twin room
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English Extra Summer Programme

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    School: inlingua Cheltenham

    Language Skills Programme (LSP)

    LSP 30

    Our most popular course of 30 lessons per week (22.5 hours) of intensive English.
    Classes run from 0900 to 1500 per day including breaks. The course is based around General English in the morning where the four skills are taught and in the afternoon we offer skill lessons and exam preparation. The class size is maximum 10 students.

    LSP 20

    This is a popular programme for those who wish to have a less intense course or can only do morning lessons. This course is 20 lessons per week (15 hours) and runs from 0900-1215 including a short break. The course covers the four skills of General English. Class sizes maximum 10 students.

    LSP 10

    For those students who do not require a visa or are working in the area we offer a course of 10 lessons per week (7.5 hours). The course offers skills based programmes with the chance of practice the four skills and examination preparation for ESOL examinations. The time of these lessons is 1330-1500 every weekday in class of maximum size 10 students.


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