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    Italian Courses in Cremona

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    School: inlingua Cremona

    Flexible frequency Program– FFP

    Individual, one-to one, training is the most efficient way to learn a language. With the exclusive attention of your trainer you have the opportunity to progress at exactly your own pace. More importantly the course can be adapted and tailored to your individual needs and focus on specific language skills and vocabulary that are or will be important to you in your job. If you can’t attend a rapid, full-time training course, FFP course is perfect for you. FFP courses starts any day.

    FFP 10 10 X 60 min lessons 10 hours
    FFP 20 20 X 60 min lessons 20 hours
    FFP 30 30 X 60 min lessons 30 hours

    Individual Intensive Course (Crash Intensity Programs – CIP)

    The CIP course structure ensures intense study of a language. This program is flexible insofar as the amount of class hours per day (between 2 and 6 hours a day), from Monday to Friday. The end result is that the student can ably cope with the language after a relatively short time. CIP courses begin every Monday of the month.

    CIP 10 2 hours/day Everyday 10 hours/week
    CIP 15
    3 hours/day Everyday 15 hours/week
    CIP 20
    4 hours/day Everyday 20 hours/week

    Group courses  (CLUB)

    The quality of learning depends on the frequency of individual partecipation during the lessons. This is why inlingua Cremona recommends having small groups with a limited number of students (max. 6). Group work is fun and stimulating, suitable for whoever wishes to share and assimilate the learning experiences of their classmates. CLUB courses begin 2nd and 4th Monday of the month.

    CLUB-10 2 hours/day From Monday to Friday 10 X 60 min lessons (tot: 10 hours/week)
    CLUB-15 3 hours/day Everyday 15 X 60 min lessons (tot: 15 hours/week)
    CLUB-20 4 hours/day Everyday 20X 60 min lessons (tot: 20 hours/week)

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