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How to book

On this website you can book language courses abroad.

In “our packages” section you will find packages already created for you by our Tour Operator. They are ready to be booked as they are.

If you want to book a personalized package, in the “categories” sections you can directly choose your language, your school abroad and you can create by yourself your tailor-made trip.

Browse our website  to look for your perfect trip: starting from the “categories” section, for each “language course” package you can choose what to add or delete in order to create the best package for you. Everything will be easy to manage and and you will be introduced to remarkable experiences you couldn’t have imagined being possible to combine with a language course.

Once your package is ready and suits your needs, you can proceed to the payment thus confirming all the characteristics selected.

We’ll receive your package’s booking and at the same time an email will be sent to you to summarize all the options you selected, with all the relative details.

We’ll contact you within 72 hours to confirm your package’s availability. If your whole package or part of it is unavailable, we will reimburse your money for the whole paid amount or for the specific service that’s unavailable. In these cases you can choose how to proceed and we’ll close the commitment by deleting part or the whole package and reimburse your money without keeping any commission.

As far as payments are concerned, they are based on PayPal secure payment system.

Once the booking is successfully completed, we’ll send you a booking confirmation voucher with full details of the package you’ve chosen.

Please print it out and bring it along with you when travelling.